Enterprise Valuation & Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)

UK Valuations & Agency provides valuation services of Business Enterprise and Purchase Price Allocation (PPA).
Enterprise Valuation can be done for various purposes i.e. possible sale/purchase, joint venture, fund raising, Accounting Standards etc. There are 5 approaches for Enterprise Valuation which are Book Value Approach, Adjusted Book Value Approach, Price to Book Value Ratio, Price to Earning Ratio, and Discounted Cash Flow.
An application of goodwill accounting whereby one company (the Acquirer), when purchasing a second company (the target), allocates the purchase price into various assets and liabilities acquired from the transaction. PPA is For Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS 3) : Business Combination.

Tangible & Intangible Assets Valuation

UK Valuations & Agency provides valuation services of Tangible Assets, Intangible Assets (including Intellectual Property) and Economic Damages for owners of Intellectual Property.

Feasibility Study & Survey

UK Valuations & Agency provides Market Feasibility Study, Market Survey and Site Survey.
A Market Feasibility Study is defined as an evaluation or analysis of the proposed project of real estate. A market feasibility study is conducted to assist decision-makers in determining whether or not to implement a particular project.
Market Survey
UK Valuations & Agency provides market survey service for all types of business all over the country with the intention of facilitating business entrepreneurs in managing and planning their business.
Site Survey
UK Valuations & Agency provides Site Survey service for all types of projects, by complying and analyzing the potential land or property.
Fair Value Measurement for Financial Reporting Standards
TFRS 15 - Revenue from Contracts
with Customers
i.e. Fair value measurement for Loyalty Points

TFRS 3 - Business Combination 
i.e. Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)
Consulting Services to Solve Business Problems

Other Services

Notary Public Service
 We provide a notary public service for epact who seeks for document certification and assurance.
Intellectual Property Registration Service
Patent Agent authorized by Intellectual Property Office (IPO) to advise and represent individual or party in registering a patent or trademark (Act of Patent 1979).
Property Sale on Commission Service
UK Valuations & Agency provides property sale on commission service i.e. land, factory, house, apartment etc.

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