Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)


According to the Financial Reporting Standards No. 3 - Business Combination, it requires “Acquiree” and “Acquirer” to 

  • Recognize and measure the identifiable assets acquired, the liabilities assumed, and any non-controlling interest in the Acquiree.
  • Recognize and measure goodwill or gain from a bargain purchase.
  • To disclosure related information to the financial statement users that assist them to assess any financial influences from business combination.


UK Valuations & Agency has an expertise in providing the Purchase Price Allocation Report according to the mentioned Financial Reporting Standards. 

We are trusted by many companies/organizations, both listed and non-listed i.e. Berli Jucker, Thoresen Thai, COM7, Do Day Dream, TPIPL, IT City, Delta, Synnex, TTCL etc.

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