Economic Damages Valuation

   Intellectual Property (IP) like Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secret, is a part of intangible assets. Under intellectual property law, owners are granted certain exclusive rights to the intangible assets.

   In essence, the intellectual property is supposed to have an economic value and any infringement to the intellectual property will cause economic damages in value of the intellectual property. Technically, various approaches are used in evaluating economic damages with the aim of compensating the intellectual property owner for economic damages caused by infringement. Conceptually, the owner of the intellectual property will be reinstated prior to the infringement.

   UK Valuations and Agency Company Limited as an independent appraiser of assets since 1988 has expanded its scope of service particularly in the area of Economic Damages Valuation for owners of intellectual property who are in need of advice and service in this area.
Our Clients - Economic Damages Valuation
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